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Back to blogging!

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Imma back!

So, several times i have thought back to when i blogged on here, and have missed it! Hopefully starting again means i can keep up with it, which i hope to do!

Oh, how busy we have been! I’ll just jump on in and start with one of the most exciting news; i got accepted into International Highschool! Despite how much i have loved homeschooling, and still do, i decided i might try something new, since highschool is a pretty big thing. We are still seeing if going to highschool will work out, but either public or homeschooling, i am very excited to start 9th grade!

Some other updates – gymnastics is still going VERY well and have been having a blast competing and getting new skills, as well as working up to the next highest level, gold. This weekend i will be competing a new, higher level, and i am pretty nervous! After this meet, there are two other state meets, and after that, comes summer practices! I do love gymnastics in the summer, it’s when i mostly get new skills, since we don’t have to focus on routines to compete. I can’t wait for the meets and new skills to come!

I have also started a few projects. Numero Uno being a fish scene in our basement fish closet. So far, i have finished the light blue background, and two fish, including Nemo 🙂 I am hoping to finish it soon, and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Another project is pretty much a constant “project”. Last summer, my friend Brinley and I decided to make a DIY (do it yourself) account on Instagram. Here, we post tips, ideas, and of course, diy’s. So, my motto lately has been, “If you can make it, why buy it?” So, i make it, and put it on my account! Everything from lip balm made from crayons, to transforming old boxes into organizers, i have had a blast with this account!

Since it has been a couple, well, years, i should probably share some of my newer interests. One thing is, haha, a TV series called Pretty Little Liars. This is about a group of friends who’s friend went missing, and they try to find out what happen to her, as well as the story behind a series of threats they are getting from an unknown somebody. I enjoy the mystery part of it, as well as the drama. Among my list of interests is also art, even though it kind of always been, though now i am doing more with it. I have been taking art classes, and how far they have gotten me is amazing! I have even had my art be in the Matisse exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, which was very exciting. I have even applied for an art scholarship, although i will not find out if i got it until next week 🙂 One of my top interests, besides gymnastics, of course, is marine biology. I am still not sure exactly when this sparked, but it was fairly recent. Although i know i have enjoyed fish tanks and water since i was a baby, i haven’t until recently recognized it as marine biology, and loved it even more! Since some of my last blogs, i have done a water testing summer camp on Lake Michigan, got my SCUBA certification in the Bahamas (this trip, was AMAZING. My first dive was absolutely breath taking. The immense amount of coral, all of the colors, it was almost too much for me to take in! Our first dive, we saw a shark, a small stingray, and an eel that scared the crap out of me when it shot out of the rock below me! This trip was i think my favorite i have EVER been too. The snorkeling and SCUBA diving we did just opened up a whole nother world!) and keep up on water testing our fish tank at home. Marine biology is definitely one of my favorite interests! There is also baking, volunteering at the humane society, gymnastics……..i am just worried this blog might never end!!

Aaannnddd 3 years later my favorites have probably changed, and i love sharing my favorites! My favorite color is blue, and in any shade. I still love Mexican food, although Japanese it delicious, as long as it doesn’t include sushi!  Call me crazy, but sushi just isn’t my thing. My favorite sport is still gymnastics…… and i am having a hard time thinking of any others! If you want to see a recent “50 facts about me”, you can find my post on instagram @_caylie_13.

So, i think i should save some of the other things i wanted to share for another post, or i might not get any sleep. Thanks for reading, and maybe my next posts won’t be so long!!



Recent Achievements & Awesome Fish Tank Project

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Hey everyone!

Caylie again! Just posting some more things about whats been going on.  My aunt and uncle just took my siblings, my cousins, and I to an awesome fitness place in Fishers.  There my aunt helped me on doing my back-hand spring! I got that down pretty well now and my aunt did some good cartwheels on the beam with me 🙂  My dad and I have started on a fish tank project.  We are putting in a 7 foot tank to divide the kitchen and the TV room instead of a banister.  We took out the banister the other day; can’t wait!  Will post some pictures of it when it is done and keep you updated on how it’s going 🙂  Peace out girl scout!

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